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Jalapeño Peppers 

Jalapeño Peppers are a medium heat chili pepper.  Our peppers are allowed to ripen under the California sun, grown on some amazing family farms.  

Did you know that red jalapeño peppers are simply green peppers that have allowed to ripen longer on the vine?  

Natural Colored Banana Peppers.jpg

Banana Peppers 

Our banana wax peppers are mild in flavor and can be found gracing the top of everything from pizzas to sandwiches even some bloody mary cocktails.  

These sweet and tangy peppers are grown in California from May to November. 

Cascabella Peppers

Cascabellas are also called Hot Chili Peppers, nothing to do do with the band from the 90's.     

The small and tender peppers grow densely under a canopy of emerald green leaves.  These small pepper pack some serious heat. 

Cascabella Peppers on Spoon.jpg
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