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Add Flavor to Life


From Farm to Kitchen

Old Fashioned Fermented Pickles

Flavorful Pickles

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Vibrant Peppers

Closeup Sweet Pickle Relish

Custom Relishes

Pickle Spears 64 oz Jars

About Kruger Foods

Making the best pickles and peppers in California for four generations.  We believe in working with great farmers to grow the best cucumbers and peppers will lead to the optimal ingredients to support the chefs and brands that love our products.

Solar on Kruger Factory
Farming talking over Cucumbers

Responsiblity and Scale

We are honored to support large and small brands.  Our large facility is SQF certified, solar powered, and a certified WBE.  We understand how important it is to support the brands we work with and support the community we are a part of.

Customize Sliced Cucumbers


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